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Accounting Forensics & Witness Testimony
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Teichner Accounting Forensics & Valuations, PLLC
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Forensic Accountant, Business Valuation, Witness Testimony, and More in Las Vegas and Reno

Expert Witness Testimony

Mr. Teichner has testified at trial, arbitration hearings, and depositions multiple times in a wide variety of business and commercial litigation matters and in family law matters. For trial and arbitration testimony, he assists attorneys with formulating questions to be asked of him on direct examination and questions for opposing experts on cross-examination, as well as questions for opposing experts to be deposed.

Forensic Accounting

Mr. Teichner uses his experience and training as a forensic accountant in matters when there is knowledge or suspicion of money, other assets, or income being diverted, concealed, misused, or misappropriated in other ways. These situations occur when embezzlement or other forms of theft are known or suspected in such matters as partner or shareholder disputes, contract disputes, breaches of fiduciary duty, and divorces.

Economic Damages

A financial expert is engaged in litigation matters for the purpose of determining economic damages. In addition to determining whether or not such damages have arisen from the types of forensic accounting matters in which Mr. Teichner is retained, as mentioned above, he determines whether or not economic damages have been sustained in such matters as those involving personal injury, wrongful death, and noncompliance with standards of care in the performance of accounting services.

Business Valuations

Mr. Teichner has performed numerous business valuations for such purposes determining value of a business or business interest in family law matters as purchases and sales of businesses or business interests, a measurement of determining economic damages, business disputes involving the value of a business or business interest, gifting, and estate taxes.

Divorce an Family Law Matters

Mr. Teichner has extensive experience as a forensic accountant, analyst, and business valuator in family law matters, both where the marital estates have been very large and have been typically smaller. The services that Mr. Teichner provides, include preparing business valuations; assisting with the division of property between the spouses; tracing of separate versus community assets and income; determining marital waste; determining whether income, cash or other assets have been diverted, concealed, or otherwise not disclosed; assisting with the determination of alimony; accounting for potential tax-related ramifications; and addressing other financially related issues.

Court Appointed Receiver

Mr. Teichner has been a court-appointed receiver and has worked with other receivers. In most cases, a Receiver is appointed by the Court when the assets of an entity need to be protected because there is evidence or a strong suspicion of fraud or wasting of assets that affect shareholders, partners, or creditors of an entity, as well as others who have a financial interest in an entity, such as a spouse in a divorce matter.

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